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"The R&D strategy is our blueprint for success in the years ahead. It describes how we plan to advance innovative therapies that patients and payers will value. It prioritizes the targets and technologies that Amgen finds most promising, and identifies ways to maximize productivity. The strategy is inspired, in part, by new and historic breakthroughs in biology. These advances are making it possible to pinpoint the molecular roots of disease, and no company is better positioned than Amgen to seize the resulting opportunities."

Sean Harper

Executive Vice President, Research and Development

Amgen R&D strives to enhance and extend the lives of patients with serious illness. To advance this mission, we have built an organization distinguished by world-class scientists with a talent for applying novel approaches to treat disease.

In addition, we have devised an R&D strategy that aims to align and engage our talent, prioritize our investments, and seize scientific opportunities. This strategy is comprised of five major components:

Redefine our R&D Guiding Principles

  • Focus on innovative medicines for unmet needs in patients with serious illnesses.
  • Pursue targets that are validated in humans.
  • Maintain an expansive toolkit of drug modalities with a focus on biologics.
  • Focus on return on investment and operational efficiency.
  • Harness external innovation.
  • Demonstrate the value of our medicines.

Ensure major investments are based on compelling science

  • Embrace a "Pick the Winners" approach to accelerate high-potential programs based on targets validated in humans.
  • Partner or out-license lower priority assets.
  • Continue to acquire external innovation to complement internal capabilities and programs.

Refocus and differentiate our Discovery Research efforts

  • Focus on large effect sizes in serious illnesses.
  • Capitalize on our strengths in human genetics, novel biology, and protein engineering.
  • Leverage new platform technologies to build a robust immuno-oncology pipeline.

Pursue a "Biology First" approach to choose the right targets and tools

  • Focus on the biology of target selection first, with modality considerations second.
  • Consolidate small, medium, and large molecules into one integrated platform.
  • Focus on biologics while ensuring world-class small molecule capabilities.

Strengthen return on investment through operational efficiency

  • Build a continuous improvement culture focused on higher success rates, faster cycle times, and reduced costs.
  • Achieve a significant reduction in clinical trial costs by 2018 while delivering faster cycle times and higher quality.